Proposed Changes to the UPEACE Academic Program

For a more complete background, go to the IPS article here:

In July 2014, changes to the academic program were drafted by a couple of UPEACE Council members. There have been continued attempts at imposing these changes with no meaningful dialogue with the UPEACE Community.
The video below shows what happened during Judy Cheng-Hopkins’ visit to campus in November 2014, after she stepped on students and kicked one in the head.

Below you will find relevant documents. (work in progress)


 Proposed academic program

Statements by UPEACE Community members, July-August, 2014



Statements by UPEACE Community members, November-December 2014




 Council Response

IN ORDER TO ADD YOUR SIGNATURE TO ANY OF THE LETTERS, leave a comment below indicating the letter you are signing, your full name, MA program and year of graduation, if applicable.


For more information or to get involved, email


3 thoughts on “Proposed Changes to the UPEACE Academic Program

  1. Marion Kim says:

    As a resident of Korea, where I have worked together with peace educators now on the faculty of UPEACE to educate toward a culture of peace, I would like to add my voice to those of the Faculty of the Peace and Conflict Studies Department, in agreement with their call for a review of the current plans to revise the academic program. The world needs UPEACE’s even more positive and active role to nurture educators who will enlighten and encourage movements toward peace around the world, not a reducing or downgrading of your excellent program.


  2. Ngoran Allan Mirand Fonyuy says:

    It would ridiculous if these reforms are implemented,for they lake creditability and are a counter to UN reforms on Gender equality and equity.


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